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Wires and Nerve

Wires-and-nerve-book-cover“Wires and Nerve” by Marissa Meyer
YA Graphic novel- 4 stars

I was a big fan of the Lunar Chronicles series from the beginning so I was very much looking forward to this companion book. I did enjoy the book a lot, though I kind of wish it wasn’t a graphic novel. Not because I don’t like graphic novels, I do. I just feel like it might have been better as a regular novel like the other books in the series. I also enjoyed the story line, it picked up almost exactly where the last book left off. That was nice because the last book left you with a lot of questions about what would happen next. However, though I liked the overall story line I did feel like the writing was a little less mature than the rest of the series. Overall though, good book. I give it 4.5 stars. Oh, and one last thing, I didn’t realize the book was a part one in a series. I guess that’s good and bad because the book ended on a cliff hanger with a lot of unanswered questions but at the same time I now have another book I can look forward to reading.


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