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Watching International TV

Q. How can I watch television shows in a different language or from a different country?

A. Most streaming devices, like Roku, Chromecast, or FireStick (from Roku, Google, and Amazon companies respectively), can be plugged into televisions and act as a sort of cable-box. You can watch (stream) shows and movies through your internet connection; you will need subscriptions or accounts to Hulu, Netflix, or whichever service you’re using.

Viewing international channels work in a similar way. For example, using the Roku 3 one can access international news channels like the Al-Jazeera or RadioFrance. Many of these channels are free, but some require subscriptions or payments — much like cable or satellite channels. If these are the only channels you’ll watch, then this is generally a cheaper option.

Another option: your television and/or internet service provider may offer you the option to purchase international channel packages, so be sure to check with them to see what your options are.


Feel free to explore your options by checking a Roku out of the library today.


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