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Summer Reading Program 2017

Build A Better World Summer Reading Program : Register by July 29, 2017!

Summer Reading Program Sign-Up Deadline:  Saturday, July 29th

If you haven't signed up for Summer Reading yet, please do so before Saturday, 7/29!  We will not be signing up anymore kids after that date. 

Click the link to the right to  join online, keep a reading log of all the titles you finish, the amount of time you spend reading, and engage in a challenge to win cool prizes!  Kids can access their summer reading accounts from any computer (even on vacation!) and  all reading logs can be printed out at the end of the summer.  Our online interface also has "challenges" that can be completed for awesome prizes!


Reading Goals

Kids can set their own reading goals for the summer.  Lower interval beads can be put together and traded up for higher interval beads.  Use either the online reading log or a paper one to track the  number of minutes children are reading and get beads during your next library visit!

The Children's Room is encouraging all families to visit the library to enter our weekly raffles!  Each week, we'll raffle off tickets and other prizes the library received from local business.  Children must come into the library to enter the raffle so make us a part of your weekly summer routine! 


Read and Bead with Brag Tags

This year, our reading program will have an in-library component as well.  Every child who registers for our summer reading program will get a Brag Tag necklace or key chain to fill up with beads as they log the amount of time they read.  We hope families will come in weekly with their logs and report on how long kids have been reading.  For each time interval, children will be able to choose a specific bead to add to their necklace or key chain:

15 Minutes = Solid Color Beads
30 Minutes = Sparkly Beads
1 Hour = Shiny Beads
2 Hours = Glow-in-the-Dark Beads
4 Hours = Shape Beads


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