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2021 Viola Sastavickas Scholarship

The Sastavickas Scholarship Committee is accepting applications for the $1000 scholarship to be awarded in June 2021. Applications for the Viola Sastavickas Scholarship will be accepted through May 10th 2021. The recipient of the scholarship shall be a current or former paid employee or an unpaid volunteer of the Library.

The educational purpose may be for undergraduate or graduate school, a formal course of study, or an enrichment opportunity (continuing education). Interested employees or volunteers should submit a letter of application (found at the bottom of the page), a brief essay describing educational goals and how the funds will be used, and one letter of recommendation. Decisions will be based on the quality of the request, financial need, and the individual’s contribution to the library.

A recommendation will be made by a three-person Selection Committee made up of the Chairperson of the Library’s Board of Trustees, the Director of the Library, and the President of the Library’s Staff Association. This recommendation will be brought to the Board of Trustees for their approval.

Note: Deadline for applications to be received at the Director’s Office is May 10th 2021. Decisions will be made and recipient notified by June 30, 2021. Funds will be distributed in August, 2021.

2021 Scholarship Application


Brian DeFelice

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