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Orange is the New Black

Orange-is-the-new-black-book-cover“Orange is the New Black” by Piper Kerman
Nonfiction – 4 stars

Considering I couldn’t get into the TV show, the book Orange is the New Black was an enjoyable read. A woman describes a year of life in federal prison following drug charges. I don’t want to call everyone a “cast of characters” because they all felt very human. Despite being about incarceration, it’s an oddly hopeful book.


The Rules of Magic

Rules-of-magic-book-cover“The Rules of Magic” by Alice Hoffman
Magical Realism – 3 stars

This is the prequel to Practical Magic. I’m a huge fan of Alice Hoffman however I feel that her most recent novels have been declining in quality. I enjoyed reading more about the Owens Family.


The Lowells of Massachusetts, an American Family

Lowells-of-Massachusetts-book-cover“The Lowells of Massachusetts, an American Family” by Nina Sankovitch
Biography – 5 stars

Fascinating read of an American family that traces its American roots back to the 1830’s. Family members played definitive roles in every major development witnessed in the country. Very readable history.



Son-book-cover“Son” by Lois Lowry
Children’s fiction – 5 stars

Awesome book for the summer.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

Update 8/16/2017, 9:10 AM

We are completely out of eclipse glasses (our entire supply was gone in less than 10 minutes!) . Unfortunately, we are not able to get any more. 

Didn’t get a pair of glasses but want to see the eclipse safely? Here is how to make a pinhole viewer from things you have around the house. 

Even though we are out of glasses, feel free to drop by the library to learn more about this astronomical event or if you want to start researching on your own, NASA has some wonderful information.


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