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OverDrive “Session Expired” Message

If you have tried to log into your Overdrive account and received a message telling you that your session has expired, then you’re not alone, and there is nothing wrong with your account.

The OverDrive company says that this is a known issue and their developers are working on it.

At this time OverDrive’s solution is to clear the website’s cache and cookies, but also to wait 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, from reports by Minuteman staff and patrons, waiting seems to be the best fix.

Please be aware that even when you are able to resume checking out and downloading titles, the problem can and does recur.

This happens unpredictably across all OverDrive interfaces, including the App, the Libby App, and the Digital Website. It is not limited to Minuteman, but is apparently some larger issue with OverDrive.


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