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Closed Saturdays July 1 through Labor Day
Closed Sundays from Memorial Day - Columbus Day Weekend


Meet Libby

libby Meet Libby.


What/Who is Libby?

Libby is a downloadable application, like Overdrive.  You can use Libby to listen to audiobooks or read e-books on your phone or tablet.

You can use your library card to log-in and check-out books like you would with the Overdrive app.


Why would I want to use Libby?

Libby is more user-friendly than Overdrive.

If you have library cards from more than one library/network, Libby will keep all your checked out items in one place.

Libby can send your ebooks to your Kindle, if you prefer to read there.

You can add tags and categories to keep your reading lists organized, and Libby will keep track of your recent reading–if you want her to.


Are there any drawbacks with Libby?

Unfortunately, you are not able to stream videos with Libby, but that feature may be added soon.


Want to know more or download? Visit the website.


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