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How Do I… ?

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you use the library.

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When can children apply for their first library card?

As soon as children are legibly able to write their names, their parents or legal guardians may help them apply for a library card at the Circulation Desk. Parents and legal guardians must bring their photo identification with a current street address and be willing to sign for a child's library card. All children who receive their first library card will be able to choose a special prize at the Children's Room Desk! Please, see our library card and circulation policies for more information.

How many items can my child borrow from the library and when do they need to be returned?

As many as you wish to keep track of! We often recommend that parents and caregivers set their own limits for their children based on their families' schedules and preferences. All books in the collection circulate for up to 3 weeks at a time while DVDs may be borrowed for 1 week. For more information on borrowing privileges, please read our circulation policies.

Where can children's books be returned?

All items may be returned to the main Circulation Desk or to the book drop in the library's parking lot. You may also return library items to any other library in the Minuteman Library network.

Does the Children's Room accept toy and game donations?

Yes! If you are interested in donating gently used toys and games to the Children's Room, please call, email or stop by to speak with the staff. We also accept unused arts and crafts supplies!

Can children use computers in the Children's Room?

We currently have 5 computers with Internet access that are reserved for children and their caregivers only. These computers are meant for use by school aged children. For younger children, the Children's Room currently has 4 iPads with many fun and educational apps geared towards children 5 years old and younger. Please be aware that parents and caregivers are responsible for their children's use of the Internet. Please, see our technology policy for more information.

When can my child be left alone in the Children's Room?

All children under the age of 10 MUST be supervised by a responsible parent or caregiver in the Children's Room. Please read our "Children in the Library" policy for more details.

What programs does the library offer for children?

Please, see our calendar for more information.

How do I get a library card?

Bring a picture ID with proof of your current address to the circulation desk. These can be one and the same, such as an up-to-date driver's license. If your ID lists an old address or does not list an address (as with a passport or student ID), than you will need to bring a utility bill, credit card bill, bank statement, or other official document with your current address. A lease is NOT sufficient proof of address. Children through eighth grade must have a parent or guardian's signature to register for a library card.

You can also register online for a library card. 

How long can I check out materials for?

Feature films can be checked out for 7 days.

Speed read books can be checked out for 2 weeks.

Most other materials can be checked out for 3 weeks.

Be sure to refer to your receipt or online account information.

What fines and fees will I be charged for overdue materials?

Most overdue adult books, magazines, and CDs are $0.05 per day up to $2.00 per item.

Overdue children's books, magazines, and CDs are $0.05 per day up to $0.50 per item.

Overdue summer reading books are $0.05 per day up to $2.00 per item.

Overdue DVDs are $0.25 per day up to $5.00 per item.

Overdue Speed Read books are $0.25 per day up to $10.00 per item.

Overdue ILL items from outside the Minuteman Library Network are $2.00 per day up to $20.00 per item.

Overdue museum passes are $5.00 per day up to $20.00.

Failure to pick up a reserved museum pass will be charged $5.00

Lost museum passes will be charged $30.00 for a replacement.

How can I make a video full screen?

The button that will make your video full screen is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the video window. It is shaped like a small square. To exit full-screen mode, press the Esc key on your keyboard.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to access hoopla?

Yes, to browse hoopla content and to stream content over Wi-Fi, 3G and/or 4G you must be connected to the internet.  However, on our mobile app you can complete a temporary download to play content without an internet connection.

Which browsers does Hoopla support?

Hoopla supports Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Some other browsers may work, but those listed have been confirmed to work. Please ensure you have the most up to date versions of these browsers.


How can I improve Hoopla's performance?

For proper content playback, we suggest turning off pop-up blockers. Some Hoopla content is played in a secondary pop-up window. Please be sure to check your web browser’s settings.

Is mobile app content the same PC content?

Yes, mobile and PC content is identical.

How can I use a meeting room?

For more information about our Meeting Rooms, or to schedule a room, please visit the Meeting Room page.

Help! I'm stuck with the Minuteman Catalog.

For more information about the Minuteman Catalog, please see their FAQs.

When do I need to come in to apply for or renew a passport?

If you have never had a US passport, if your passport was issued over 15 years ago, or if your expiring passport was issued when you were under 16.

How long will an application appointment take?

Plan to spend 30 minutes at the library. Individual applications may take less time while applications for families or those requiring additional documentation may take longer.

How long will it take to get my passport?

Routine applications take approximately 6 weeks. Expedited service takes 3 weeks and costs an additional fee.

UPDATE 9/12/20: Expedited service is not available at this time. Please allow up to 6 months for new passports to arrive though they may arrive sooner. If you have any questions, please contact us at

How will my passport be sent?

Passport applications and completed passports are normally sent via USPS Priority Mail. Original documents will be returned to you separately. Overnight Delivery of passport books is available for an additional fee.

What if I need to travel soon and don’t have a passport?

If you have a life or death emergency or need to travel in under two weeks you should call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 and plan to visit the State Department’s Boston Passport Agency at the Tip O'Neill Federal Building, 10 Causeway Street, Room 247, Boston, Massachusetts 02222.

Are private study rooms available?

We do have several study rooms available that seat 2-4 people. As per our Room Use Policy, study rooms can only be used by two or more people, not by individuals. Study rooms may be booked on the day of use only, but no further in advance. People using our study rooms must have valid Minuteman Library Network library cards. If our larger meeting rooms, the Trustees' Room and Simoni Room, are not being used, they are available for small group use as well. There are many quiet study areas within the library; please inquire at the Reference Desk or call 781-769-0200, Dial 2, for details.

Do you offer computer classes?

Yes! The library is happy to offer computer education and assistance to library patrons free of charge. We offer a variety of structured classes as well as personalized instruction and assistance. Please, visit our computer tutorials page for more information and to sign up.

Do you have public computers and printers?

We sure do! We have 15 public workstations that are equipped with common home and business software. Black and White and Color printing is available using our computers or using your own computer, tablet, or smartphone at the cost of $0.20 per page for black and white prints and $0.30 per page for color prints.

Do you have a public fax machine?

Yes. We are happy to fax documents for patrons for $1.00 per page.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have free, public WiFi.

Do you offer eBooks, digital audiobooks, and streaming video?

Yes, yes, and yes! Please visit our download page for more information.

Do you have a public scanner?

Yes. We have a public scanner located on one of our Ramp computers.

Which technological devices can I check out?

We offer iPads for in-library use and many devices that can go home with you, including Rokus, USB Floppy Drives, USB Disk Drives, USB microscopes for kids, and more!

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