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Donation Info

Donation Guidelines

Not sure if you can bring that box of books to us? Check our Morrill Memorial Library Book Donation Guide to find out. Please note that while we appreciate receiving donated items, we are not able to add all donations to our collection. Don't worry, those items still help the library by generating funds when they are sold in our Friends of the Library book sale. 


Individuals and families have given memorial donations to the library in various ways. The Sastavickas and Francis families gave donations that have funded scholarships and honored library staff; the Ruboy Family, and others have given funds to purchase books for our collection. Other memorial or honor donations have purchased library lighting or seating. 

A recent fund in honor of long-term trustee, Stuart R. Plumer, has been set up. Donations to the Stuart R. Plumer Author Night are appreciated and funds will be used to invite authors to speak at the library.

Others, such as Jeannette Cushing, the Simoni Foundation, the Morrill and Plimpton families and Edna Phillips have given large gifts that have made it possible for us to add space to the library, make renovations or purchase capital equipment. We have also received bequests, such as the Lila Pond Endowment, that allow us to fund services that we might not otherwise be able to offer.

Birthday Books

Would you like to give a special book in honor of a child’s birth or birthday? Call Charlotte Canelli, Library Director to arrange for this unforgettable gift for your child or one that you love. For a donation of $15, a hardcover book may be chosen from a cart of newly ordered books. Or donate $25 and two books may be given.

A bookplate commemorating the child’s birthday and acknowledging the donor will be placed inside the book. In addition, the birthday boy/girl will receive a thank you bookmark and will be given the opportunity to be the first to borrow the book.

Please fill out this form and contact the library to speak to Charlotte Canelli or Casey Argyrou if you’d like to commemorate a child’s birth in this special way.

If you are interested in making a donation, large or small, please call the Library Director, Charlotte Canelli, at 781-769-4540 or complete the form below.

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