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Holiday Technology Gift Guide

Need a gift for that person who loves being on the cutting edge?  Trying to reduce the clutter by going digital?  Or maybe you simply want to talk to your house!  Yes, really. Forget the Joneses, we’re keeping up with the Jetsons.  2016 has been that kind of year.  So, we’ve made a list to help you manage all the new tech.  Consider it our holiday present to you:

Fitness trackers:

For the athlete or the fitness fanatic, a fitness tracker will measure each stride toward healthy living.  These devices most often come in the form of a wristband/watch, and measure one’s activity throughout the day.  


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Price range: $30-130

Suggested brands: Fitbit, TomTom Touch, Samsung GearFit


Tablets are great for all ages; even small children are able to make use of educational apps on tablets.  These devices work with wifi and allow you to check email, watch (or stream) movies, music, tv shows, books, and more.  They’re a great way to stay in touch through video chatting with far-away family.

Price range: $45-750

Suggested brands: iPad, Amazon Fire Tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro


E-readers are amazing tools for all ages of people.  These devices help you cut down on the physical space your books take up–ideal for students and those with limited storage.  Highly transportable, with long battery life, you can store thousands of titles in an e-reader.  You can even borrow books (for free) from the library!

Pipad-ereadersrice range: $50-300

Suggested brands: Kindle, Nook

Smart home speaker:

Smart home speakers are for those wanting to spice up their homes with a fun new gadget.  These devices are voice operated, and they allow you to add items to your grocery-list, play music, listen to the news, order items directly from the internet, and even turn household appliances on and off!

Price range: $129-180

Suggested brands: Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Streaming Devices:

Movie-buffs, busy parents, and couch potatoes rejoice!  Streaming video and television is not new to the tech scene, and its popularity is an indicator of its longevity.  These devices allow you watch your favorite television shows, movies from services like HBOGo, Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube on one simple device.streaming devices

Price range: $30-130

Suggested Brands: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast

If you’re unsure of how something here works, or if you want to try it before you buy it, then please let us know.  Roku is available for borrowing at the library.  And we’re happy to teach you how to stream, download, and maneuver any device listed here.


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