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“Countable” for Keeping up with Politics

“Telling your senator how to vote is as easy as ‘liking’ a Facebook picture.”
Tech Crunch

If you’ve been sparked to engage more meaningfully in the current political climate and are overwhelmed by the amount of information flooding from the news and social media, then Countable, an application available through Google and Apple products, may help you make sense of it all.

The company’s slogan is “Your government, made simple.”  And, although that kind of easy-to-use jargon doesn’t always mean “easy-to-use,” this app makes it quick and easy (really–I’ve tried it) to find information about the laws that Congress is considering.

Countable links you to your state representatives, making it easy for you to share your opinions and express concerns to the people who can help make changes.  You’ll get information on different pieces of legislature including fiscal considerations, considerations for and against, as well as some historical context to be able to make better informed decisions.  This app provides information in clear, clean language that is easy to understand.   AND! it provides information and perspectives for both ends of the political spectrum.

Here is their promotional video:

No fake news here.

Oh! And, in case you were worried about the credentials of the people who are providing this information.  You can find their credentials here.


If you want to know more about how it works, then please check out their About Us page to make the decision about whether or not this app is right for you.


“Countable is slick, easy to use and could definitely help inform your opinions.”
The New York Times

“Tinder, but for Unsexy Congressional Bills, Is Kind of a Great Idea!”

“You don’t have to wait for your representatives to adopt anything. All you have to do is sign up and start sending your thoughts to Congress.”

“This New App Could Be Your Congressman’s Worst Nightmare.”
The Blaze


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