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Convert Your Film to Digital

Have you had old family home-movies, negatives from photographs, or slides from long-ago vacations sitting in boxes for years? Do you resist throwing these heirlooms away, yet lack the energy to investigate services that transfer them to modern formats? Would you love to surprise your loved ones with online slideshows or framed prints from the old days (or perhaps embarrass some siblings)?

Now you may borrow our Wolverine film to digital converter and bring your archival relics back to life! Simply insert slides, film reels, and negatives using various adapters, preview them on a small screen, and save them as files to upload for sharing online or making new prints. I used the converter on a batch of my mother’s slides from her teaching days in Southie, and found it incredibly easy to use, with clear instructions to guide me. It warmed my heart to finally see the images of my ma, from the 1960s and ’70s, and make her a batch of 4 x 6 prints. If you’d like to resurrect nearly obsolete formats and give them a second life, check out our film to digital converter and try it for yourself.

Lydia Sampson

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