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Winter Reading BINGO!


A big, big thank you goes out to everyone who took part in our first annual Winter Reading BINGO - Hibernate with a Book! We hope you all had fun and read some good books. This was our first-ever winter reading program and we think it went pretty well! Here are the numbers:

Number of people who submitted BINGO sheets:  21

Number of people who finished BINGO sheets:  6

Number of people who finished a BINGO sheet and started a 2nd:  2

Number of finished BINGO rows, aka prize entries:  117

Total number of books read:  387


One of the squares on the BINGO sheet was "Book that you can't wait to recommend." So, here are those recommendations from your friends and neighbors:

BINGO Book Recommendations

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you find some good reading materials on this list.

And once again, thank you so much to these generous local business for providing gift certificate prizes for our readers:








Take care, and we'll see you for Summer Reading in a couple months!

Liz Reed:
781-769-0200 x110

Nancy Ling:
781-769-0200 x228

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