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Virtual Story Time

We may not be able to have story time at the library but we’ve started doing Virtual Story Time over on Facebook! Follow the Morrill Memorial Library’s Facebook page to watch our children’s room staff read stories and sing songs.


Virtual Story Time Schedule (April 2020)
Mondays at 12:30 PM = Miss Dina’s Story Time

Wednesdays at 12:30 PM = Miss Kate’s Story Time

Fridays at 12:30 PM = Miss Nicole’s Story Time


Most of our stories and songs are aimed at kids ages 2-4 but everyone is welcome to join in! Please watch this website and our Facebook page for more info on upcoming virtual children’s programs.

Want to learn how to watch a Facebook Live? Here’s a tutorial!

Boston Bruins PJ Drive: Feb 1 – March 15, 2020

The Morrill Memorial Library has teamed up with the Boston Bruins to participate in their annual pajama drive to benefit DCF Kids and Cradles to Crayons. The PJ Drive’s goal is to collect 13,000 pairs of new pajamas for children and teens in need.  “It’s hard to imagine that so many kids and teens don’t know the comforting feeling of putting on PJs before settling down to sleep. We’re happy to be part of an effort to change that” said Library director, Charlotte Canelli.

The Boston Bruins PJ Drive runs from February 1 through March 15, 2020. The library will be collecting new pairs of pajamas for babies, children and teens. The entire town of Norwood will be joining the library in its efforts by having a donation bin at every town facility. People who wish to donate to the drive can buy a pair of new pajamas for children ages 0-18 and bring them to any town facility with a Bruins PJ Drive bin.

Bruins forward P.J. Axelsson and his wife, Siw, started the PJ drive during the Boston Bruins 2007-2008 season as a way to give to give back to their community. The couple collected 1,600 pairs of pajamas for Cradles to Crayons which connects with social service agencies to identify specific children in need.

In 2017, the drive expanded to benefit DCF’s Wonderfund. DCF estimates that at any given time the agency is working with 45,000 babies, children and teens. DCF’s participation helps ensure that PJs stay in the area in which they were collected, benefitting local kids and teens.

Amy Riley, a social service partner from MassSTART that benefits from the PJ Drive, spoke about the drive’s impact.

“Mario, his mom and two brothers are living in an apartment that is not heated properly. The bedrooms are very cold at night, and as a result the children are often sick. Mario and his brothers were also not sleeping well and would end up sleeping together in order to stay warm. Cradles to Crayons was able to provide the family with pajamas, warm clothing, bedding and blankets. This allowed Mom to save money and focus on finding a new, better heated apartment.”

Participating libraries will compete with other organizations for special Bruins prizes, including tickets to a Bruins game.

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) works with the Boston Bruins to coordinate library participation in the drive.  Libraries from around the state use the Massachusetts Library System’s delivery service, typically used to send books and other library materials, to send their PJs to area collection locations which increases libraries’ ability to participate in the drive.



Friends Forever: In Life and In Picture Books

At this busy time in my life, I’m starting to realize the true importance of friendship even though I have never had less time to devote to it. My closest group of friends are three women who I’ve known since I was six years old. We’re fortunate enough to have weathered many storms together, even though we’ve been physically separated for over 20 years. After we left our beloved Catholic K-8 school, we all attended different high schools and colleges. I moved away from my hometown in New York to permanently settle here in suburban Boston. Another woman in our group moved to Pennsylvania. Yet thanks to modern technology and social media, we’ve kept in touch and are closer than ever as support one another on the journey of motherhood.

My best friends have taught me that I need three things to make friendships last through adulthood: laughter, forgiveness, and support. The mysterious balancing act of balancing work, motherhood, and being a wife and daughter can be overwhelming. Laughing our way through the difficult things with my friends is the only thing that keeps me from running away at times. Whenever we get together or talk on the phone, tears are guaranteed, not because we are crying but because we make each other laugh until we cry. Laughter truly is the best medicine and the world feels right again once I’ve been laughing with my friends.

My second key friendship value is forgiveness. Life is moving very quickly for me these days. In a rush of school drop-off, activities, working, weekend plans, cooking, tidying, and the occasional date night or two, I know I often neglect relationships outside of my family. I need my friends to forgive me for forgetting to call them back or not sending a thank-you note. I don’t make enough effort to drive down to my hometown to see my friends now that my parents aren’t living there anymore. I’m probably going to let you down if you have rigid social expectations, not because I’m rude or don’t care but because I am usually exhausted and often forgetful. Luckily, my best friends are right there with me in the struggle and never judge me if I have to postpone our phone chats because I’m dealing with a sick kid or a homeowner crisis.

Finally, I need my adult friends to be supportive. Our adolescent days of talking uninterrupted on the phone might be over, but I always have time to shoot my friends a quick text or Facebook message. We have a Facebook group that’s our safe space to vent about our husbands and work, worry about our kids (as well as show them off) and share whatever is going on in our lives. That support is my lifeline through everyday ups and downs and it keeps our friendship current and accessible in a busy world.

Reading picture books aloud is one of the great joys of being a children’s librarian. Some of my favorites are those that focus on friendship.  Not the overly saccharine texts that feature perfectly behaved people (or animals) but the real ones that show how mutual regard and affection can sustain two people (or animals) through life’s imperfections. Often, friendships in picture books have an “odd couple” quality that only adds to their charm.

The brilliance of George and Martha by James Marshall has set the standard for portraying friendship in picture books. These two delightful hippopotamuses are best friends who know each other through and through. George isn’t the most clever hippo and Martha often outsmarts him but he’s also joyful and supportive. He does frequently snoop through Martha’s things but she always forgives him. Martha can be a diva but she’s always a good sport. She can be ill-tempered but is quick to get over an argument. Nothing much ever happens in their stories but somehow James Marshall’s understated text and illustrations create their profound friendship. Other delightful George and Martha books include George and Martha: One Fine Day, George and Martha: Rise and Shine, and George and Martha: Back in Town.

Arnold Lobel created the classic Frog and Toad series, stories that show the everyday dramas and misadventures of America’s most famous amphibians. These two friends also have their ups and downs but are only really content when they are together. They often miss each other and wonder what the other is doing when apart. Neither of them are perfect though. Toad can be a little lazy and is self-conscious about how he looks in a bathing suit. Frog loves pulling pranks and loves horror stories even more. But each appreciates the other for who he really is and their stories teach children to value individuality over sameness in a relationship. Frog and Toad’s adventures are featured in Days with Frog and Toad, Frog and Toad Are Friends, Frog and Toad Together and Frog and Toad All Year.

Both George and Martha and Frog and Toad were written in the 1970s. No other picture book duo approached classic friendship status until Mo Willems created Elephant and Piggie. In Today I Will Fly, we are introduced to Gerald, a lovable but slightly neurotic elephant prone to meltdowns, and Piggie, a carefree, laid back pig with a playful side. My best friend, who is also a children’s librarian, declares that there are two types of people in this world: Geralds or Piggies. Willems clearly casts the pair as an odd couple with Gerald as a Type A rule follower and Piggie, who is cheerfully free and easy. It goes without saying that my friend and I are clearly Geralds. Gerald and Piggie solve all sorts of friendship problems like sharing issues, not liking your best friend’s favorite food, and what to do when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans. More riveting adventures can be found in all 25 volumes in the series.

These picture books reflect the complexities and wonderful realities of friendship. Our friends sustain us not only as we face the trials and tribulations of life but also through the everyday mundane details of living. The friends in these books hold up the ideal qualities of friendship while being imperfect animals. They accept and love their friends even when they aren’t their best selves. And that is the most enduring and satisfying thing about friendship in childhood and in adult life.

Kate Tigue is the Head of Youth Services at the Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood, MA. Look for her article in the October 3, 2019 issue of the Transcript and Bulletin.



2019 Annual Boston Bruins PJ Drive : Feb 1 – March 15

It’s time for the library’s annual Boston Bruins PJ Drive! Each year, the library partners with Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Boston Bruins to collect *NEW* pajamas for kids of all ages.  All collected PJs are donated to DCF Wonderfund and Cradles to Crayons, two organizations that work to provide essentials to kids in need or in foster care in the Commonwealth.

This year, the library is thrilled to announce the entire Norwood community is joining our efforts to collect the MOST PJs in the Commonwealth. Last year, the Jonathan Bourne Public Library in Bourne, MA won the top spot for most pajamas collected for the drive.  This year, Norwood is challenging the whole town of Bourne for the #1 title in our new #BeatBourne campaign!  If you would like to help us #BeatBourne and collect PJs for a great cause, please bring BRAND NEW pajamas in any kids’ size to our donation collection sites around town.  We all know Norwood is the BEST hockey town so let’s show the Bruins our spirit by blowing Bourne out of the water and collecting the most pajamas!

Special thanks for our fellow town departments for making this coordinated effort.  Please bring NEW, unused kids’ pajamas to the following sites between February 1st and March 15th:

Collection Sites:

Morrill Memorial Library
Norwood Town Hall
Norwood Municipal Light
Norwood Civic Center
Norwood DPW

more sites coming soon…..

Move ‘n’ Groove

Monday, January 28th
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Kids 5 and under
Drop-in program, no registration.

Join Miss Kate for this fun music and movement class. We’ll listen to songs, do some dancing, and read a few music themed stories. Parents and caregivers, you’re joining in too so wear that workout gear!

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