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Literacy Volunteers Needed

literacy-tutor-website-2Have you ever wanted to get more involved in your community? Do you want to have a lasting positive impact on others? If you have the time and desire to help adult learners improve their literacy skills, we have an opportunity for you. All you need is a high school diploma and sensitivity to the struggles of adult students.


• 18 hours of training.

• Meet with your student 2 hours per week for a year.


All training and tutoring sessions are held at the Morrill Memorial Library.

Call 781-769-4599 or email for more information and or to register for our next training.




Dracula by Bram Stokerdracula cover art

“Dracula is one of my all-time favorite creepy novels.  It’s great to read while the leaves are changing and the weather is cooling.  A classic!” -S. Simas



Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Station by China Miévilleperdido_street_station

“Wild imagery and fresh ideas infuse this urban fantasy-horror hybrid, as a rogue alchemist and a crippled warrior must evade a sinister government and stop a monstrous threat to their city.” – J. Hartman

Hild cover art


Hild cover artHild by Nicola Griffith

“In the seventh century, a young girl named Hild finds herself and her family in terrible danger when her father dies suddenly. Anglo-Saxon England has never seemed so alive and present as in this story of thrilling battles, insightful history, and heartbreaking romance.” -J. Hartman

Johnny Tremain cover art

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain cover artJohnny Tremin by Esther Forbes

“An amazingly written main character draws readers into this historically fictionalized account of Boston during the American Revolution. One of the few books to make me cry!” -K. Tigue

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