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2017 Annual Essay Contest

For over five years the library’s Outreach Department has run an annual essay contest for Norwood residents. Each year has a different theme. A few of our favorites topics were: “The Bravest Character I Knew” and “My Future Library Will Look Like.” 2017’s topic is, “If You Were Stuck on a Desert Island, What Book Would You Bring and Why?” If you would like to get in on the fun, please download an adult or student entry form.

Eligibility and Age Categories:

Level 1 (Grades 3-4, Norwood residents only)
Level 2 (Grades 5-8, Norwood residents only)
Level 3 (9th Grade – Adult, Norwood & surrounding towns)


A panel of unbiased judges will select the winning essays. They will use the criteria established on the rubric to evaluate the essays according to 5 equally-weighted categories. These categories are:

  • Addresses Prompt (or Topic)
  • Development & Organization
  • Creativity
  • Voice
  • Craft

Note: English language learners are encouraged to participate.


Three awards will be granted: First, Second and Third Place ($35, $25, $10 Barnes and Noble gift cards, in that order).

Submission Deadline:

April 15, 2017: Essays must be submitted to Nancy Ling, at the Outreach Department, or electronically as a Word document to

With gratitude to the Andrew and Ernest J. Boch Memorial Fund for its generous donation that made this contest possible.

Alli Palmgren

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